Saturday, September 5, 2009

un-reality tv

whew, well its been quite some time since my last post. it wasnt a planned hiatus, but once training camp started my mind became mush and could basically only process football information. so for a good three-six weeks, even the simplest of tasks were forced out of my brain which is why i havent been able to participate in the following: use any deodorant that doesnt spray, eaten pb&j sandwiches (that werent the pre-made sort that is), tied my shoes, eaten hard boiled eggs, used vending machines, shelled a pecan or pistachio, hit a pinata, or used a mechanical pencil.

having said that, to get back blogging again, ive decided to target (un)reality tv shows. just to be clear i hate ALL of them! i mean really, how is this crap so widely watched? its hardly 'real' OR 'reality' as its all scripted nonsense. i really loathe this genre of tv more than: house music, people that reverse into parking spots, the ever annoying '20 wiper', and all the swine flu coverage, or should i say the 'R2D2 virus' or whatever its called...combined!

i guess i should say that american idol is the one exception, but that s more along the lines of being 'real' ya dig. also those dancing shows fit here, but im simply not a fan.

also, how does putting a camera in someone's house make them celebrities? take 'john and kate plus 8', what exactly do they do that makes them famous? wouldnt that mean when people were interviewed by a local news station, they should now have to duck the paparazzi if they end up facing marital troubles? i simply just dont see how these folks are in those trashy smut magazines or on crap shows like 'extra'.

anyhow, even though we've officially started our season, i do plan to post but am not making any guarantees ; )


Lora said...

well, well, look who's back.

Dr. W. Joe Ford said...

finally!!!your back to blog!! good stuff.

sammy said...

lora-haha yeah finally i know. hopefully i can keep it going! cross your fingers

doc- dont worry ive got one of those random thoughts entries coming!

dlem said...

yea dog, reality sucks. unless its my reality...or yours. hehe

Deb O said...

Do you ever post on your facebook page or is that a team thing....

ditto - on the reality thing except for Idol and Dancing, but you got people messing that up too... However, I almost got hooked on the housewifes of atlanta....

Kembree said...

I still think I would be more interesting than TO and his 'publicists'...that has got to be fake, its like they make up things for him to do..come on...I'm sure he has some 'real' excitement in his life...I am a reality junkie I totally admit it!!

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