Saturday, March 14, 2009

hello lost and found? yes, i seem to have misplaced february!

so i havent posted in forever and a day plus 3. i must add that the football season is a big contributor to my lack of posting, not to mention the kiddos draped around me daily! i must also mention that my oldest is 9 years old and now has to check her email to stay in contact with her friends!

the football season pretty much covers the time from my last blog thru january. apparently its now march and i havent the slightest as to what i did with february! now i have been traveling alot so my best guess is that i left part of it in iraq or kuwait. i was there for 9 days visiting the troops and had a blast (bad choice of words i know)! i actually blogged and posted pics about the trip for which you can check out if you want. theres 3 total posts and you can navigate your way through all of them from here. i do want to post some of my own pics here with a little something about each because needed a certain amount and this certain amount wasnt enough to fully capture all that i wanted to share. i came back to the boston area for a week then took off for london from the 14-20th with the fam. we went with all three kids and they actually did well on the plane ride. even the boy! i guess the wine really helped them... ahem, i mean me. of course i came equipped with my 'touristy like camera' and we even got the kids those disposable cameras so they could take their own photos. naturally my daughters took pics of things that were cool to them. you know, big ben, the london taxis, double decker buses, and the like. naturally my son took pics of his face, up his nose, and close ups of everyone else's face he was close to! we were there for 6 days, saw some historic things and places, met up with family and all my kids seem to remember is the time i got laughed at by a cop in front of buckingham palace! here's how this story went... we were out front and there were tons of cars driving in through the gates and they were all dressed up. so i decided i would see what the deal was and how could we be a part of this group going in to meet the queen or at least see inside. so i stop one of the cops standing around out front...

me- excuse me sir, what are all these people doing?
cop- they are all the people going in to see the queen
me- oh really? i dont suppose we could get in to meet the queen as well
me- sooo is that like a maybe??

it is extremely difficult to meet the queen and i knew that, but i had to at least try ya dig. i still didnt deserve to get laughed at in such an obnoxious manner! its heard to capture, but you should have heard this guys laugh. it was like the stereotypical thick english belly laugh and he did it right in my face in front of my kids! anyhow, the kids soon found this the highlight of the trip and my wife jumped in on the matter pointing out the fact that i just stood there with this confused look on my face like i was saying, 'sooo is that a yes or no?' what a jerk. anyhow it was a great trip and needless to say, my body's time clock was extremely off! it was a 12 hour flight into kuwait and a 14 hour flight back! can you say merlot and ambien! the flight to london wasnt as bad but still enough to jack you up! i dont get a chance to hang with my sister all that often, due to the distance naturally, so it was awesome for our kids to actually meet and hang out. actually, my niece and daughter is part of the reason i have to 'wait in line' to use the computer because they're always emailing each other! this october we will actually be facing tampa bay in london. im excited for the game overseas and for the my sister to be able to see me play for the first time. she doesnt know american football all that well but i told her she has a few months before the game to study up! from london i then took part in a nfl business management and entrepreneurial program at harvard business school and i seriously had to go check on the spelling for entreprewhatever! i always have the roughest time trying to spell the damn thing!...TANGENT ALERT... for whatever reason i also have the same difficulty while texting definetely, damn! i mean defintly, damn! thats definitely!! what the hell?! dont know why that word is so difficult! harvard business my ass!...back to the original post without missing a beat...its basically a class designed to help those looking to gain more knowledge on business strategies, marketing, and the spelling of entreprewhoozit! its a great and informative class and im glad i went. theres actually two parts and the second is in april. the last thing in february i was able to squeeze in was a small fashion show for a clothing line my wife and i are developing. its still in its infancy stage but ive always had the desire to start one but just didnt know what direction i wanted to go in. i went from one idea to the other, then from the indecision of even starting this in such a volatile industry. the desire to try something rather than deal with the torment of wishing i had eventually won out. so after years of trashing ideas and concepts i think im finally headed in a direction that feels right. if all goes well, this july will be our big launch and we'll see how things go from there.

anyhow, i look up and its already march and im about to be 32 years young pretty soon. crazy! i swear i was just wishing everyone around me a happy new year and celebrating my daughters 7th birthday! oh well, im back posting again and promise to post more of the same random, pointless, useless, waste of time, silly stuff i started before! i havent posted in forever but that doesnt mean my mind hasnt been thinking of silly stuff to share!


Melissa said...

Ok, I can sorta see the guy laughing at you and that makes me smile, but I can totally see your family giving you a hard time and that cracks me up!! HAH!!

Oh, and I vote that your next post is The Boy's gotta keep us laughing, you know? :)

pjlevesque said...

Yo Sammy, do you have a Twitter account or thought about getting one? I really enjoy your blog (when you actually post!) and I'd totally follow you on there. You should think about it!

Can't wait for the NFL season to start. Go Pats!

sammy said...

unfortunately i do not even know what twitter actually is! ; )

seriously though, i dont have one but have thought about starting one but as you can see i have trouble maintaining this one!

mel--what in the world are talking about?!

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