Monday, May 12, 2008

im just sayin'...

this post is simply nonsense i think about...(i know whats the difference from this and about 85% of my entries right)

ahem, to further clarify, its the type of nonsense i think about but didnt want to make them individual posts.

its funny to me to see people's response to a locked bathroom door while traveling on a plane. its funny to see them grip the handle once, twice, even three times, before realizing that someone beat them to it and its not because the door weighs 84lbs and requires and wider base or firmer grip. there are plenty of signs and placards giving you the info you desire...

fun size candy?! what is that? i wonder where this term originated and why. i've never had one and though, 'oh wow look everyone! im eating an eighth of a snickers bar and it is so incredibly fun!'

the word 'herb' is just an ordinary word until its someone's name. it then makes me chuckle whenever i hear it. sounds like a game show host.

lastly, ive already stated my disdain for the word 'blog' and now i think the term 'placard' is in the same boat!


Amy Metz Walker said...

oh so much to addres...

- I think I need to start flying more as you get lots of BLOG ideas from doing this. So true though about the struggle with the bathroom door.

- Herb? yes, but I can think of worse names (that are fairly ordinary...unlike she'diamond. Ha! Ha! I told you Diana is funny) Like, say, Eugene. I mean, Gene isn't TOO bad. But Eugene? I feel like it should be the name someone's pet sheep.

-Also, you know why there is fun size candy? Because Americans are fat!!! Its a attempt at portion control, maybe? Or really just a way to make you think you are doing better when really you'll eat 8 "fun size" which ends up equally or exceeding the normal size anyway.

Whew. That was a long of the DF struck.

Amy Metz Walker said...

shoulda used spell check...

dlem59 said...

leave it to you to have a blog about the deepest and dumbest shit it have ever seen! my favorites so far have to be the religion one and the farting one (go figure). i feel you on the questioning of religion and christianity as a whole, as you know i have a few questions of my own and I'm sure we will have many more discussions about that.....and farting!

sammy said...

amy, i could seriously find something to post about each and every time i fly. the bathroom door struggle is pretty hilarious though! im like forget the in-flight movie just give me a seat close to the bathroom door and some of those stale raggedy ass peanuts they handout!

i think herb beats eugene though. i cant even say it w/o getting somewhat amused! but i must say the pet sheep reference was pretty effin' hilarious! as for diana, yes she is funny. i mean i was sold at her tooting in nordstroms! (tooting? really sammy? wow.)

i agree with the 'why' there is fun sized candy, but that doesnt explain the hideous name. i mean if thats the case, call it 'crappy attempt at portion control size.'...damn i wonder if that would even fit on the wrapper.

df is pretty cool btw and yes you should have used spell check ; )

devin, you know how i roll! deep and dumb!...sounds like a paris hilton reference, but i digress...ahem, im sure we'll rap. hehe

H-O-T mom said...

Sammy's Blog= B-O-R-E-D I-N B-O-S-T-O-N

but funny :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs 34 told me to check out these blogs and I am killing myself laughing! "Herb" I love it! My pet peeve name is DICK... I mean seriously, your name is Richard and you have so many more things you could be called, Rich, Richie, Rick, Ricky, and someone chooses DICK?!? Hmmm... those people may want to evalute their loved ones or themselves in that case! see you soon... Heidi

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